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Double Attack on Ships by Pirates off Indonesia


2 ships were attacked by pirates recently in the straits of Malacca and Singapore. On March 21st four men boarded the Capetan Giorgis.

On the same day seven attackers were reported boarding the MSC Vancouver

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Doctrine of Utmost Good Faith is Alive and Well in US Courts


As I reflect back on legal trends in the area of marine insurance over the past year, the doctrine of Utmost Most Good faith (Or Uberrimae Fidei) stands out, yet again. On the one hand, the year 2014 represented an ongoing platform for reform of the UK MIA 1906 including reform of the doctrine of Utmost good faith. On the other hand, it has been an ongoing central theme faced by the US court system and the year 2014 was no exception. In fact, the doctrine embodies all areas of marine insurance and is not confined to one class.


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Importer Be Aware!


If you are an importer of cargo from overseas and are relying on your seller’s insurance policy to protect your cargo investment in the event of a claim, be aware!

You need to ask a number of questions:
a) What currency is the insurance in?
b) What are the insuring conditions? Is it a limited insurance cover that only pays in the event of a an accident at sea or on the road? Or, is it all risks cover intended to respond in the event of any type of unforeseen damage or loss?
c) Does the overseas policy have

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UK Marine Insurance Act 1906 under Review


The over century old Marine Insurance Act codified the practices, customs and usages of the day in relation to commercial marine contracts.
The Act is about to be reformed. Insurance buyers and their representatives welcomed the proposed changes they say will result in greater clarity for risk managers

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