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UK Marine Insurance Act 1906 under Review

The over century old Marine Insurance Act codified the practices, customs and usages of the day in relation to commercial marine contracts. The Act is about to be reformed. Insurance buyers and their representatives welcomed the proposed changes they say will result in greater clarity for risk managers.

Piracy on the High Seas

I was watching the movie “Captain Philips” the other day and reminded myself that not all is Hollywood drama. Behind this powerful production is a true story, a reminder that there is nothing glamorous or romantic about piracy. It has been and continues to be a real threat to shipping, the people’s lives and to […]

Canadian Broker’s Introductory Guide to Marine Cargo Insurance

Canada is a leading exporter and a major player in the world economy and international commerce. As international trade is inextricably linked to marine cargo insurance. As a Canadian insurance broker, many of your commercial clients, whether they be manufacturers, distributors, exporters or importers, will require insurance protection on the goods they move. It is […]

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