Risk Manager’s Introductory Guide to Marine Cargo Insurance


Formulated and written for the Insurance Risk Manager, this introductory guide will offer much insight into the world of marine cargo insurance from INCO terms to letters of credit, from “all risks” cover to named perils cover, from particular average to general average. You will gain an understanding of the way an open cargo policy works and how it can benefit your company. You will also be introduced to the main provisions of the London Market Institute Cargo Clauses and a comparative analysis of the types of cover offered in the market. The publication includes Risk Manager FAQs as well as a chacklist to assist you and your organization in avoiding pitfalls.



In the world economy, international trade is inextricably linked to marine cargo insurance. As an insurance risk manager, it is quite likely that your own organization is involved in the shipping, international trade, logistics, import, export or distribution business. If that is the case, the safe movement of goods as well as any related storage requirements may well be an integral part of your business’ operations. Likewise, loss or damage to your cargo (or cargo that you have a financial interest in) may have a negative impact on your bottom line and may, of course, adversely affect the relationships you have with your clients and vendors. Accordingly, having good cargo risk management practices in place as well as proper and adequate cargo insurance protection for the goods or merchandise that your organization, directly or indirectly, has a financial stake in will ultimately protect your business. Insurance is all about transferring risk and there can be no greater need for such insurance protection that in the field of the international movement of goods by sea, air, rail and or road where cargo is subject to possible loss or damage from over 30 different causes, many of which are unavoidable. Your business is unique to varying degrees and accordingly, it is essential that the cargo insurance that is in place matches your organization’s business needs. It is therefore an important step to tap into this very specialized but essential area of insurance. This publication – which is specifically designed for the insurance risk manager – will introduce you to the specialized field of marine cargo insurance and will help you develop tools and resources to bring your organization closer to securing the cargo insurance protection that meets your business needs. You will be introduced to the inner workings of international trade including INCO terms, the international language between buyer and seller. You will also gain an understanding of the main provisions of an open cargo policy and how it brings many benefits to your organization in order to protect its investment in the movement of goods. You will also learn about the main provisions of the Institute Cargo Clauses A B and C as well as some insight into the differences between the 1982 and 2009 clauses. Lastly, you will be introduced to the doctrine of general average and gain some understanding of the types of claim that can occur in the course of an international transit by sea or air. This will include claims handling procedures and documentary requirements for the processing of a marine cargo claim. Lastly, the publication contains many FAQS to help you find the answers you are looking for as well as a checklist for you, the insurance risk manager which we hope assists you in securing the right cover for your organization and avoiding pitfalls.