Jervis Marine Insurance Experts International

Offshore energy risks include exploration, production and transportation of oil and gas

Oil, gas and petrochemical companies are considered to be exposed to more types of risk (and greater losses from a monetary standpoint) than any other kind of industry or organization.

The energy industry has a significant role to play in the world economy.

Types of cover provided include:

    • Physical Damage to Onshore/Offshore drilling units
    • Control of Well Underground Blowout/Redrill/Seepage & Pollution
    • Liabilities (First & Third Party Damages)
    • Down-the-hole Equipment
    • Construction All Risks (C.A.R.) Platforms/Drilling Rigs/F.P.S.O./Pipelines/Sub-Sea Completions
    • Business Interruption

There are a number of insurance brokers and insurance organizations that specialize in this class of business, particularly within the London Insurance Market