Insurance Archeology

We have become more and more a litigious society!

Liability exposures sometimes manifest themselves several decades after an event, resulting in costly litigation. Accordingly, there is a need to trace occurrence based insurance policies to protect and defend corporations. Locating these policies may save corporations millions or hundreds of millions of dollars and protect their assets from long tail liability exposures. Earlier policies often had fewer exclusions, thus making the location of these policies all the more crucial.

Mergers and acquisitions are common and a corporation in any given instance may undergo several changes in ownership, control and structure. Unfortunately, this may lead to a loss of key and valuable insurance policy documentation and information. At Jervis Marine Insurance Consulting, we draw on over 35 years experience and resources to locating a corporation’s old insurance policies. It does not matter whether the policies were issued only 5 years ago or whether they go back an entire century to the early 1900s. We will make every effort to trace valuable insurance records.